Joanne Mitchelson


Joanne Michelson is a musician and artist based at Westbury in Tasmania's north. A country girl at heart, she grew up on a farm in the area. She has studied music since childhood and the harp since 2004. In March 2010 she progressed to the concert pedal harp with the acquisition of an 'Atlantide Prestige' from the Camac harp factory in France. In addition to the Camac harp, she plays a Tim Guster lever harp made in South Australia from Tasmanian timbers. She was a student of Michael Jefferies, seeking to continually enhance her skills. Joanne teaches beginner to intermediate harp students.She is an active member of the Harp Society of Tasmania. In addition to the harp, Joanne also plays the flute and the Pan flute.

Hamish Pike


Classically trained on the Violin from the Early 1980's, Hamish has developed intricate melodies and harmonies complementing angelic sounds of Joanne's Harp. Hamish met Joanne on the Village Green at the Westbury Irish Festival on the 19th of March 2016. This was the place where they not only heard each play, but were to marry three years later. Hamish enjoys performing a range of genres on the Violin. These include Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, Irish, Scottish and Romanian Folk. Hamish is available to teach Violin and Ukulele.